When Should I Buy an Engagement Ring?

Looking at engagement rings can be a monumental moment in your relationship. Buying a ring for your significant other shows your intention to get married and spend your lives together. Choosing when to buy the ring can be almost as challenging as choosing the right ring. Here are some reasons it may be time to buy an engagement ring:

You Are Both Ready

You should only buy an engagement ring if you and your partner are ready to be engaged. Have open and honest conversations about your relationship and your future. Make sure you are on the same page about the engagement and marriage timeline. Ask your partner if they want to choose their ring or if they want to be surprised. If both you and your partner feel that the time is right, it may be time to purchase an engagement ring.

You Are Financially Prepared

One of the main factors to consider before buying an engagement ring is your financial preparedness. Engagement rings can be a significant investment, and you should feel financially ready to make the purchase. If you do not have enough money in your savings account, there is no shame in waiting a little longer before buying the ring. If you have money set aside for an engagement ring and know the time is right, set a budget and explore rings with your price range in mind. Bova Diamonds has beautiful engagement ring styles that can accommodate various budgets and preferences.

You Have a Date in Mind

Proposing on a meaningful date, such as your anniversary or your partner’s birthday, can add sentimental value to your engagement. If you want to propose on a special occasion, you may need to plan ahead to get your ring in time. Give yourself enough time before the proposal date to look at rings, and remember that the ring you choose may not be immediately available. This is especially true for custom rings, as they take longer create than standard or display rings.

You Found the Right Ring

Some couples look at rings together before discussing all of the details of becoming engaged. If you have found found the right engagement ring, it may be the right time to buy. Finding a ring with your or your partner’s exact style and preferences may be your sign to start planning the engagement. One of the best ways to make sure you and your partner are happy with the engagement ring is to shop together. Shopping together can help make sure your partner loves their ring when you propose.

Shop Bova Diamonds Engagement Rings

If you have decided when to buy an engagement ring, look for a trusted jeweler for help finding and purchasing the right ring. Bova Diamonds has a wide selection of engagement rings featuring various styles, stones, and metals. We have rings to accommodate your budget, and all of our diamonds are ethically sourced. Book your experience with Bova Diamonds today to explore our collections and and discuss your options.