Engagement Ring Upgrade: Elevate Your Ring

Whether your engagement ring is handpicked or a complete surprise there will be a point in time when you will want to upgrade it. Some people hold their engagement ring as a thing that embodies the memory of their wedding, and they think that it should last forever. However, more and more brides nowadays tend to upgrade their engagement ring maybe at some point in their marriage or even after the engagement.

Whatever reasons you may have, we are here to help. What should your new ring have, and how do you decide? Or, if you're keeping the old one, how can you replace the diamond while preserving the sentimental significance of your engagement ring? And how precisely do you express your wishes to your partner? Take into account these five factors before replacing your engagement ring.

Your Budget

Engagement Ring Upgrade Your Budget

Your budget is the one to determine what final product of ring you will have. You will need to decide how much are you willing to spend on your upgrade. To do this you will need to evaluate your stone and setting preference. A typical setting would cost around $500 to $3500,

For those who are on a budget, we have a recommendation for you. If you are tight on budget or don't want to spend a lot on the upgrade, we recommend that you only change the setting and not the center stone. Changing the setting only can be enough to dramatically impact the look of your engagement ring

Selling the stone(s) to a trustworthy business with excellent trade programs is a fantastic alternative. For instance, WP Diamonds have a number of partners such that, should one of our clients decide to purchase a new ring at the same time as selling their old one, they would receive a considerably greater value from our partners and can get more out of their old ring.

Your Style

Your Style

It might be challenging to choose one style when there are so many to select from. Use it as your guide if you're replacing your ring because something about it doesn't fit your personality. Change a plain band for a paved one if you're feeling more glitzy, and an emerald cut stone for a round stone if you're feeling more fashion-forward. However, if you're updating because you have a larger budget, you might want to stick with the same look and just choose a diamond with higher carat weight.



Bova Diamonds strongly advises having your current ring evaluated by a trustworthy and competent buyer. This will enable you to receive the most value for your new ring. Get the portions of the ring that you won't be using, such as the diamonds, side stones, and band, appraised even if you plan to keep some of it and discard the rest.

Proceeds from the sale of these items could be used to pay for your new ring. With just a picture and a few simple inquiries, an appraiser can rapidly ascertain the worth of a ring.

Your Ring

Your Ring

You can either buy a finished ring that you like or first buy your center stone and then select a setting that goes well with it. But what if you merely want to update your work and want to preserve your current ring? Upgrade the central stone, if possible.

We recommend you trade in your existing diamond for a larger stone or different-shaped stone. While oval and cushion-cut diamonds are currently quite popular and in high demand, round and princess-cut diamonds are by far the most common forms. You can maintain emotional items while getting the ring you actually want right now by keeping the setting or side stones.

Telling your partner

When you are making a decision that involves marriage or engagement you should always take your partner's decision into account. Also, it can be a great opportunity for both of you to choose the ring upgrade together.

Remember that your partner may still hold sentimental value for the original ring that you bought for them out of love. We advise you to think about your upgrade goals. It's possible that your taste has changed over time or that your existing ring doesn't suit your way of life. Or perhaps you've been meaning to make the change, and the moment is right. In any event, "Make sure your partner is aware of your upgrade decision and how much you adore and value the ring they chose for you to propose with." There we go we had teach you the basics of engagement ring upgrade, and for sure you are ready to go!