Choosing the Right Cut for Your Engagement Ring

A ring's cut can determine its overall appearance and brilliance, making it a key consideration when shopping. At Bova Diamonds, we're committed to providing timeless engagement rings that can be passed down through generations without losing their quality. Here's a guide to choosing a cut for your engagement ring:

Understanding Available Cut Options

Bova Diamonds offers numerous cut options to meet client needs and preferences. The round cut is one of our most popular choices. It maximizes brilliance, as it features numerous facets that reflect light beautifully. 

We also have diamond rings featuring the marquise cut. This is an elongated shape with pointed ends resembling a boat shape. The cut is elegant and dramatic, making it ideal for anyone looking for something unique and artistic but still classy. 

We also offer oval-cut engagement rings. The oval cut combines a round cut's brilliance and a marquise cut's elongated shape. It may be ideal if you want a modern ring with exceptional brilliance. Our catalog also features the emerald cut, characterized by a rectangular shape and cropped corners. This cut may be ideal for a future bride looking for vintage charm in their engagement ring. 

Our vintage-loving clients also have the cushion cut option. The cushion cut resembles a cushion, characterized by a rectangular or square shape with rounded corners. It has large facets that allow it to capture light and exude a soft sparkle. 

We also have the princess cut option, characterized by a rectangular or square shape with pointed corners. The princess cut provides the brilliance of a round cut, making it a suitable alternative to traditional round diamond rings. It may be an ideal choice for a future bride looking for a ring with a contemporary appeal. 

What To Consider When Choosing a Ring Cut

Some cuts may be better suited for your engagement ring than others. Here are the things we encourage clients to consider when choosing cuts for their custom engagement rings:


Consider how much of a statement you want your engagement ring to make when choosing your cut. We recommend the round cut for clients looking to stand out. Its many facets allow it to reflect light and offer exceptional light performance. The princess cut is a close second, as it also features numerous facets that provide a high level of sparkle. If you want your engagement ring to have an understated look, we recommend less intense options like emerald and cushion cuts. 

Ring Setting 

Every part of your ring needs to work harmoniously to accentuate your ring's beauty and practicality. If you're looking for a versatile option, we recommend the round brilliant cut, as it complements numerous settings. A prong setting can work well with a marquise cut, as prongs protect the cut's pointed ends. Our team can recommend the best cut if you have a specific ring setting in mind.

Fingers and Hands

If you have a small hand and petite fingers, a high-quality round cut on solitaire may be a suitable choice as it's simple and delicate. Elongated cuts like oval and marquise are ideal for people with small hands and short fingers as they create the illusion of length. They also create a slender effect, making them suitable for people with wide fingers. We can assess your hand and recommend an ideal option when you book an appointment. 

Find High-quality Engagement Rings 

Bova Diamonds is a leading jewelry dealer specializing in engagement rings, wedding rings, and fine jewelry. Explore our website for high-quality ring options if you already know what you want. You can also schedule a one-of-a-kind experience with our team where we will guide you on the best cuts based on your desired setting, sparkle preferences, and budget. Contact us to get started today.