Dallas Engagement Rings

Dallas Engagement Rings and Why Bova Diamonds
Dallas is an incredible city since it is ALWAYS creating and producing new things. Although many things began in Dallas, like Bova Diamonds, the city is recognized for its distinctiveness, from coining the word “Super Bowl” to inventing the frozen margarita machine, and yes, Dallas is also known for being the birthplace of professional cheering. But, aside from the margaritas and all of the above, Dallas boasts a plethora of wonderful romantic proposal locations that will make your wedding day unique. Consider proposing from the Reunion Tower or with a luxurious experience in the Crescent Court. Nothing beats proposing in AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys, for a sports enthusiast.

What Makes Us Bova Diamonds
  • We Help You Understand
    From our knowledgeable in-store experts to our online educational materials, we’ll give you everything you need to know about Diamonds.
  • We Have Lower Prices
    A high-quality diamond should never cost a premium. We help by passing the savings on to you – that’s the Bova way.
  • We Always Have the Best
    Bova Diamonds stocks the finest diamonds in Dallas, and maybe the whole world, in large part due to the rigorous standards we meet to ensure a diamond’s value for life.