What To Look For in a Diamond Store

The first step to finding sparkling jewelry for your loved one is identifying a trustworthy and reliable diamond store. Bova Diamonds is a well-established jewelry store for clients looking for high-quality diamonds and exceptional customer service. Here's what we encourage clients to look for in a store when shopping for fine jewelry:

Certified Professionals 

Certified diamond appraisers can help you evaluate diamonds to determine their authenticity, value, and quality. Find a store that gives you access to these professionals to make an informed decision and get value for your money.

Bova Diamonds has Gemological Institute of America (GIA)-certified gemologists who provide detailed appraisals of all our products. Our gemologists have undergone thorough training, equipping them with the knowledge to effectively test and grade diamonds based on color, carat weight, clarity, and cut. Diamond rings purchased from us have undergone a rigorous evaluation to determine their quality and worth. 

Wide Product Range 

Find a store with a comprehensive product range to avoid settling for a product that doesn't meet your needs. We boast an extensive inventory featuring diamonds with varying clarity, colors, cuts, carat weights, and shapes. This increases your chances of finding a diamond that fits your preferences and budget. You can use our specially designed tool to find appropriate options if you already know what you want. The tool allows you to filter options by clarity, color, cuts, carat weight, and shape to make it easy to compare your choices. 

Customization Services 

Look for a diamond store that offers customization services if you're looking for a unique product to help you stand out. At Bova Diamonds, our skilled designers can collaborate with you to create personalized pieces. You can book an appointment online with our sales team to browse our current collection for ideas. We'll help design your item and develop a 3D image to make sure it's what you're looking for before our jeweler makes the final product. Our team involves our clients throughout the custom design process to make the final product more personal.

After-sales Services 

Some jewelry and engagement ring stores offer additional or after-sales services to enhance customer satisfaction. At Bova Diamonds, we help clients maintain their jewelry to allow them to pass it on to future generations. Our team provides free jewelry cleaning for as long as you own your item. If you need to resize or repair your jewelry, you can schedule an appointment with our experienced jewelers. We also offer engraving services to make your order more personal, allowing you to add a unique touch with a special message or significant date. We're committed to delivering all products safely and on time after purchase. This is why we choose to ship insured through a secure carrier service.

Bova Diamonds: A Reliable Diamond Store

Bova Diamonds has been in the diamond industry since 1999, committed to promoting optimal client satisfaction as a premium diamond store. We do so through our high-quality craftsmanship, personal customer service, and transparent pricing. Contact us today to book an appointment with one of our diamond experts.