Somewhere around the stamp of your jewelry labels, you might have seen the letters “CTW” and you may wonder what does it mean? You might wonder if it is important or does it is anything to the value or quality of the ring or brand that you bought your ring from. Bova Diamonds will walk you through what does CTW abbreviations meaning, as well as other things that correlate with CTW.


A carat is a unit of mass used to measure gemstones and pearls. Its mass is equivalent to 200 mg (or 0.00643 troy oz). The Greek term for a basic Carob tree, Ceratonia siliqua, is where the word "Carat" first appeared. Diamond traders once compared the weight of a diamond to Carob tree seeds before measuring units were created. This was due to the uniform size and weight of each carob seed, which made them a reliable and practical marker to gauge the size of diamonds against.


This Jewel Engagement Ring Setting is one of our examples, it holds approximately 1.26 CTW, you may wonder why CTW?

When we talk about jewelry or diamonds in general, CTW means carat total weight but commonly it is called total carat weight when referring to gemstones such as rubies and emeralds or diamonds. The abbreviation "ct" or "cts" stands for "carat weight," while "ctw" stands for "carat total weight" when referring to numerous diamonds.


CTW stands for Carat Total Weight but is more frequently referred to as Total Carat Weight for diamonds or gemstones when discussing jewelry(like sapphires or rubies). The total carat weight of all the diamonds set in that specific piece of jewelry is its total weight. It is extensively used as a standard measure of weight by the international jewelry industry as well as respected diamond and gemstone certifying organizations like the Gemological Institute of America.


It's crucial for anyone selling jewelry to include the item's diamond weight in the description. The measurement of carat weight, when used in jewelry, can also be more challenging. Because of this, jewelers frequently add the carat weight to a ring's shank. This may be seen in products like diamond Trilogy rings and even large diamond clusters. For identification purposes, the total carat weight is occasionally added in place of the specified individual diamond weights.

The words CTW and a number (the total carat weight) may be stamped into a concealed area of some jewelry items. This makes it simple for jewelers to determine the overall carat weight of a certain piece. even without having to take the stones off their mounts to weigh them.



All you need to know is that 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams if you ever wanted to calculate the total carat weight of a loose diamond or many diamonds. You must weigh a loose diamond and note its weight in grams before you can determine its carat weight. After that, multiply that result by 0.2 to determine the diamond's total carat weight.

The opposite is also true. Add 0.2 to the carat weight to get the exact weight of a single diamond or a group of diamonds. The equivalent total weight in grams will be yours.

Difference between CTW, CTTW, CT?

CTW: This stands for carat total weight, or simply the weight in carats of a single diamond.

CTTW: This can be used to refer to a diamond's total carat weight. You're probably aware of ring settings, for instance, where a larger, central jewel is surrounded by lesser stones.

CT: Carat is denoted by the symbol CT/ct.

There may be another letter, such as "A" or "G," in addition to the total carat weight.

Approximate diamond weight

(A) - May stand for approximately. This is a reference to the rough carat weight. A diamond cluster ring may contain up to 1 carat of diamonds in total. The gems could actually weigh 0.99 or perhaps 1.01 carats in actuality. This phrase is used by some jewelers to avoid becoming specific.

Guaranteed diamond weight

(G) - A diamond's weight is occasionally guaranteed. Usually, the guaranteed diamond weight is just a point or two more than the weight offered. For instance, a 1-carat diamond trilogy ring requires a minimum of 1.01ct in total diamond weight to be considered assured carat weight.


Bova Diamonds provide you with the most entrusting service you could ever imagine, and it is crucial for our customers and jeweler to know the carat of a certain diamond(s). We need CTW Because it can be challenging to ascertain the precise total carat weight of a diamond or diamonds after they have been set into jewelry pieces, marking CTW on jewelry is crucial. Jewelers will be able to rapidly and accurately determine a piece's CTW in this method.