What Are the Different Diamond Cuts in Rings?

Diamonds are great stones for various jewelry pieces, including rings. Whether you're looking for something classic or unique, Bova Diamonds has a range of diamond cuts that can make your ring stand out. Our diamond store offers cuts ranging from traditional round to modern oval, allowing you to select a diamond that fits your style. Here are some of our most popular diamond ring cuts:

Round Cut

The round cut is a round diamond shape with 58 highly polished facets. This classic cut is timeless and suitable for virtually any ring style. It's a popular diamond choice for engagement rings, but it can also enhance other types of jewelry, like anniversary bands or cocktail rings. Despite the round appearance of this cut, the stone's underside has a conical shape called a pavilion. This feature makes the diamond look even more brilliant, especially under direct light.

Princess Cut

The princess cut is a modern alternative to the traditional round-cut diamond with four pointed corners. Its square or rectangular shape makes it ideal for rings with more contemporary designs. Princess cuts have an elegant and sophisticated look that works well with wedding rings, anniversary bands, and eternity rings. Our diamond store offers a wide selection of princess-cut diamonds, including different sizes, colors, and clarities.

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut is a rectangular-shaped diamond that gives off an elegant look with its long lines. It is characterized by its stepped sides that have a total of 58 facets. This cut also has a larger table, allowing for more light to pass through the stone and make it sparkle. It pairs well with vintage-style rings and wedding rings with an antique feel.

Oval Cut

An oval cut produces a diamond with an elongated round shape and 58 brilliant facets. This popular diamond cut brings an elegant, modern look to engagement rings and costs significantly less than a traditional round-cut diamond. The larger surface area of the oval cut can make it appear larger than a round-cut stone of the same weight. Oval-shaped diamonds can be placed perpendicular to the finger to create a more unique ring style.

Asscher Cut

The asscher cut is a square-shaped diamond with cropped corners that differentiate it from the princess cut. It is a vintage-style cut with even more sparkle than the round diamond due to its higher crown height and larger step facets. The Asscher's unique shape makes it suitable for many types of rings, especially those with antique and sophisticated designs. This diamond cut is great for engagement, eternity, and cocktail rings.

Pear Cut

The modern pear cut combines the round and marquise shape, creating a distinctive teardrop-shaped diamond. Pear-shaped diamonds require complex cuts and a skilled artisan to create the symmetry needed for their unique shape. This diamond cut is popular for pendants and earrings, but you can also use it in wedding and engagement rings to showcase your personal style.

Radiant Cut

The radiant cut is a combination of emerald and round cuts. It has cropped corners like the emerald cut but contains elements similar to the round shape. This diamond cut gives off a vibrant sparkle due to its 70 facets allowing light to pass through it easily. Use this diamond cut in anniversary bands or cocktail rings to create a sparkling statement piece.

Explore Diamond Cuts at Our Diamond Store

Bova Diamonds offers a wide selection of beautiful diamond cuts to enhance your unique ring. Our professionals will craft your stone with precision and care, regardless of the diamond cut you choose. We are your trusted source for quality diamonds that can help you make an impression. Contact us today to learn more about our diamond cuts and determine which is right for your ring.