What are Loupes: A Jewelers Guide

Jewelry Loupes

What are loupes? How do we use them? What is the importance of knowing and learning how to use loupes? As your personal jeweler, Bova Diamonds would assure you that we could give answers to your question once you're done with this guide. So without further ado let’s hop on!

What are Loupes?

Are you familiar with the magnifying glass? Picture that in mind and that’s almost exactly how loupes work. It’s just that loupes are the name for the magnifying glass used by experts or jewelers. Well, as a jeweler I put my loupe in a dangle and use it as a pendant because I use it most of the time.

The magnifying glass is about half an inch in diameter, has a magnification range of ten to twenty times, and folds in half for simple transport.

How to Use Loupes

Loupes have straps-like leather that covers them, so firstly you need to unfold them. Slip the index finger of your dominant hand, or either into the strap.

Second, do a knuckle with the hand that has the loupe and hold it up to your face, your thumbs should be firmly pressed against your cheek and the glass should be positioned directly over your eye.

Then you can use your other hand to inspect the jewelry the way you want to, as for me I keep the ring or gemstones that I’m inspecting within 1 to ½ inches away from the lens. And now you can clearly see your ring from different angles.

Why Loupes Are Important

Loupes are important not just for me (a jeweler) but especially for customers. Well, I use this mostly on diamonds, because with this you can examine diamonds to identify their price, clarity, and grade.

Customers use loupes to examine the ring they want to buy because with loupes, you can clearly see even the tiniest imperfections of your ring, if there are cracks or blemishes you will notice them. Most cracks, chips, and inclusions in diamonds can only be seen under magnification.

The Final Verdict

Now that I’ve guided you are you now planning to get your own loupe? I highly suggest that you also get your own especially if you are planning to invest in diamonds. Loupes cost around $20 - $50 depending on the power of their magnification and other factors, but if you’ll only use them on your jewelry the cheapest ones are fine.

I strongly advise purchasing your own loupe and performing your own jewelry inspections. Your jewelry should still be inspected by your preferred jeweler, in my opinion.