On the Hunt for the Perfect Valentines Gift

Valentine's day is just a few weeks ahead and I’m sure many men are on the hunt for the perfect valentines gift for their partner. Bova Diamonds won’t let you down and we are here to guide you on what perfect gift you could give to her. A cheesy gift such as chocolates, flowers, or teddies are so common for this day and it's still okay for you to give that to your partner but if you want to step up your game and make her feel really happy then we recommend sticking to a tried-and-true present that women of all ages like a piece of beautiful jewelry. There's no more perfect valentines gift than this.

We know how hard it is to find beautiful jewelry for such an occasion, it may take days or weeks of you hovering around your browser searching for that one. That’s why we made a list of top picks of jewelry for Valentine this year.

Top Picks Valentines Jewelry Gift


White and Black Diamond Baguette 14k Rose Gold Huggie Earring

black diamond baguette earring

The first one on our list is the White and Black Diamond Baguette Huggie Earring by Shy Creations. We can’t deny that black diamonds are taking over the market nowadays and becoming really popular, also partnered by a rose gold metal which gives it a stunning look. What more could you ask for?

White Gold Diamond Ear Crawler Earring

Another stunning design by Shy creations, this White Gold Diamond Ear Crawler Earring comes with a 0.45-carat white diamond. Its stunning looks are what made it to this list, a really perfect gift for a perfect day.

Yellow Gold Diamond Ear Jacket Earring with Studs

A fancy-looking yellow gold diamond earring that’s designed by Shy creations. With its beautiful diamond bits surrounding the Ear Jacket Design combined with yellow gold metal, this earring is a go-to.


White Gold Diamond Pave Chain Bracelet

A piece of charming jewelry from Kate's collection of Shy Creation, this White Gold Diamond Pave Chain Bracelet is one of a kind. It has a 0.56ct pave diamond sitting on a 14k white gold metal which gives out a classy vibe.

Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet

Sometimes simplicity is the key. This Yellow Gold diamond necklace is as simple as it may seem but it has the classy and elegant looks in it. With 0.43ct bits of diamonds lying on the 14k yellow gold metal, it contains a fancy look in it.


White Gold Black Diamond Pave Lady’s Ring

As for our ring of choice, the first one on our list is the white gold black diamond pave lady's ring. This one is also from the kate collection of Shy Creation. Black diamonds produce exceptional beauty when it comes to jewelry and it is undeniable that they are trendy nowadays. This ring has a 0.25ct paved black diamond sitting on a 14k white gold metal. A perfect valentines gift for your partner.

White Gold Diamond Lady’s Ring

Sitting on a 14k white gold metal is 0.15ct tiny bits of diamonds. Another design by Shy Creation and part of Kate's collection has an arrow pointing at each other to showcase your fingers and the top and bottom of it are surrounded by diamonds.

Final Verdict

Did we interest you in some of our top picks for jewelry this Valentine's Day? Well, did we end your search for the perfect valentines gift? Then you can contact us for our expert to help you with your jewelry of choice. We've helped tens of thousands of readers find gorgeous jewelry, and we'd love to assist you in finding something unique that fits your style and budget.

Above all, no matter which ring, bracelet, or earrings you choose, what matters most is a considerate gift from the heart. Make her feel special with your care and love for her and the gifts are just the icing on the cupcake.