Natalie K Diamond Rings and Bova Diamonds Collaboration

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The definition of class and timeless beauty. Natalie K Diamond Rings.

Natalie K was launched as a designer of exquisite bridal diamond rings in 1998. Having established a stellar reputation with the most unique and sought-after combination of elegant and classic engagement Rings of diamonds in 14k and 18k and precious platinum metals. Distinctive and inspired delicate designs mastered to create the perfect ring for a ½ carat diamond up to a 5-carat diamond center.

Natalie K continued growth and vision inspired by the development of the perfect diamond by Natalie K. An ideal cut diamond which displays the hearts and arrows pattern distinguishing the diamonds as a genuine ideal cut diamond.

Natalie K Diamond Rings and Bova Diamonds, at your service

All of Natalie K’s signature elegant engagement and wedding Rings of diamonds and trendy designs are also available at the leading jewelry store in Dallas, Texas, Bova Diamonds. Here you will certainly find yourself taken away by the gorgeous, most

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Exclusive collection of masterpieces by Natalie K

Some of Natalie K’s most in demand collections of diamond rings and fine jewelry are the Eternelle, Renaissance, Classique, and the Princess Collection. All of which that I bet would knock your future bride’s socks off. They each have different varieties of class and authenticity that will certainly match any bride’s desired symbol of eternal love.