Loose Diamonds 101

loose diamonds 101

Buying loose diamonds to complete your perfectly designed jewelry piece or as an investment can be quite challenging. You have to spend time looking for that exquisite piece for the design that you have in mind. This guide will help you make an informed purchase.

Buying loose diamonds can save you a lot of money than purchasing diamond jewelry from retailers. Diamonds are the expensive part of the jewelry and the setting is priced based on the level of craftsmanship and how intricate the design is. Buying loose diamonds will let you have full control over details like the size you want, clarity, color, and the type of cut you prefer. Have a highly customizable option by having your loose diamond piece set on bespoke jewelry of your liking. Your piece will be your unique design and character.

Diamond Shapes

As personalization goes, you do what you want. What shape do you want for your diamond? Do you want the classic round cut diamond? or the princess square cut? Maybe a timeless elegant pear-cut diamond?

Here’s a quick run on the common shapes of diamonds.

Round Brilliant Cut

A timeless piece. Traditional and the most popular. The versatility of this cut makes it everyone’s favorite. It can easily be worn together with any style and occasion. It has the most brilliance. Eye-catching glamorous sparkle that no person can resist. When we say engagement ring, a classic round brilliant cut comes to mind.

Princess Cut

Easy to identify with its straight angled cuts. A popular choice for engagement rings. Having straight edges also makes this cut the most efficient cut to make. Compared to the emerald cut and Asscher cut, the princess cut has a high level of scintillation. Out of all geometric cuts, this cut has the most brilliance.


An elongated-shaped cut makes your diamond look bigger. This is the best option if you want to be bold and daring. Oval cuts are irresistible in color and make for engagement rings that are to die for. It’s quite famous amongst celebrities - take Blake Lively, Ariana Grande, Kourtney Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, and Kate Middleton. Oval cuts look larger but cost less.


An elongated cut with pointed ends. It resembles a cat’s eye or a football. A flattering choice with its narrow body, it makes the wearer’s finger appear sexier.

Heart Shape Cut

The world’s symbol of love. Charming, sweet, and exquisite in diamonds. One of the most difficult shapes to cut. No better way to say “I will do anything for you, my love” than this intimate heart shape cut.

Emerald Cut

Elegance. The emerald cut has a rectangular shape with cut corners known as a step cut. This cut is known for its clarity and luster.

Pear Cut

Resembling a teardrop or a pear, this cut has curved sides that narrow to a point. This cut has been around for many years but is considered a modern cut. Symmetry is very critical to this cut.

Asscher Cut

This has a similar facet as an emerald cut but is more square than rectangular. This is a vintage cut popular amongst celebrities. Has a smaller table and bigger trimmed edges that gives it more character.

Cushion Cut

The pillow-shaped diamond. A dreamy piece with exemplary brilliance and clarity through its rounded corners. A spin on the classic that makes it popular for vintage lovers.

Radiant Cut

Unique trims on corners that resembles an emerald cut but with the sparkle of a round brilliant cut diamond. A bedazzling cut gives an irresistible sparkle.

Final Verdict

Now that you have picked the shape of your diamond. Select your carat weight. This will determine how big your diamond stone will be as well. Make sure to check if they come with a GIA certificate and that you have checked it by its 4Cs. We can assure you now that you know loose diamonds and everything you need to know about it.

Check the diamond cut quality of your loose diamond. This refers to the proportions and finish of the diamond. An expert cut costs more than a sloppy cut. The shape and size of the facets determine the level of scintillation, fire, and sparkle. Scintillation refers to the blinking flashes of light or the sparkles that the diamond reflects back to the viewer as you tilt the stone and move it around. A poorly cut diamond will dull its appearance. You want the best out of the best for its real price and not something poorly made.

You have picked your perfect loose diamond. What can you do with it now? Remember to store your diamonds in a microfiber cloth jewelry bag or in jewelry cases. Keep it protected from debris and unwanted scratches. You can have your own unique designs crafted by master jewelers or try a bespoke design fitted out by your local retailer. Buying a loose diamond lets you define the character of the jewelry you can make out of it. Bring out what best describes who you are and don’t forget to have fun!