Loose Asscher Diamond: What You Need To Know About

loose asscher diamond

Whether you are choosing a stone for your engagement ring or looking for a gift for someone you love for a special occasion or maybe just simply giving yourself a treat with beautiful jewelry, you can never go wrong with a loose Asscher diamond.

Buying loose diamonds offers lots of benefits. It comes in all shapes and sizes, and to tell you, they are all beautiful. You will be able to choose a stone that matches your desired specifications and quality. One of the most popular cuts of a diamond is the square cut. And did you know that a particular square cut diamond is making a huge comeback? It is called the Asscher cut.

What is an Asscher cut?

An Asscher cut diamond is a step cut or a square-cut diamond with a small table and facets that emphasize the depth of the stone.


The Asscher cut was first introduced in 1902. It was named after the Asscher brothers of Holland’s Asscher Diamonds, now Royal Asscher Diamond Company. This sophisticated diamond rose to popularity during the Art Deco period from the 1920s to the 1930s. However, its popularity decreased after the Great Depression and did not come back into fashion until early 2000, 100 years after it was introduced. The cut was modified to add vibrancy and more brilliance to it. The original Asscher cut has 58 facets while the modified one now has 74 facets.

Shape and Look

This loose Asscher diamond is very similar to the dramatic emerald cut diamond except that it is a perfect square with a ratio of 1 yet with angled corners making it an octagon in shape. It features large paralleled step facets and a very high crown. When the stone is up properly, you can see a series of squares. Diamond experts often refer to the shine and sparkle that it produces as an endless hallway with reflective mirrors.


As for clarity, the Asscher cut was designed to maximize the luster and clarity of the stone. It is not very good at hiding imperfections. It has open windowing facets which allow us to see what is going on inside the stone. The recommended safe zone for this kind of cut is VS1 yet you can still find a rare SI1 or SI2 where the slight imperfections can be hidden.


The color of the stone really depends on your preference. The step facets in an Asscher cut make it easier to see the color than in other diamond shapes. Diamond experts will recommend you to stick to an I color for this type of diamond. This grade will give you a beautiful color.

Why do people choose loose Asscher diamond cut?

If you are looking for a sparkly radiant diamond, a loose Asscher diamond may not be a good choice for you because it focuses on clarity rather than radiance. They do sparkle at times but it is not as intense as a brilliant-cut diamond. The reason why many people are enamored with the Asscher cut is because of its vintage appeal, clean-cut and elegant look. These time-honored stones have a rich history and character and obviously will continue to have a timeless beauty and elegant appeal as time passes.

Loose Asscher diamond cut vs Emerald Cut

These two cuts are both excellent choices for people wanting to have an elegant look. Though these two may not be as brilliant as the other cuts, they do offer a glamorous classy vibe. Both have step cuts and fewer facets than the others. Most people often say that these two cuts are similar, the only difference is that the emerald cut is rectangular in shape while the Asscher cut is square. The ratio of the Asscher cut should be below 1.1 while the ratio of the emerald should be over 1.3. The emerald tends to appear larger while the Asscher offers more sparkle. The Asscher cut has a pointed culet while the emerald cut has a long flat culet. This pointed culet makes the stone more appealing to others because it draws the eye to the center of the diamond.


The loose Asscher diamond is a very beautiful stone. It is the one that has descended all these years and mesmerized many jewelry lovers because of its dazzling depth and unique stunning shape.

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