It’s About Time Fashion Jewelry Gets The Shout out it Deserves

Fashion Jewelry’s Crucial Role in the Fashion Industry.

Fashion jewelry, also known as costume jewelry, is usually made with base metals and simulated stones. Jewelry made entirely out of textiles or leather, base metal alloys, and even metals plated with precious metals like gold or silver also fall under Fashion Jewels.

Simulated stones include plastic stones, cubic zirconia, and Swarovski crystals. Costume jewelry uses less expensive or simulated stones, as well as plated metals. High-end fashion jewelry or fine fashion jewelry uses precious metals and genuine stones.

Ever Changing Industry.

2021 is here and as we have all seen, the world of fashion has come a long way and we all know that it is an ever changing industry. Many designers and brands continue to find new ways to upgrade the glimmer and shine of the jewelry business. We have also seen a lot of glamorous comebacks in wardrobe, footwear, and of course, jewelry, fashion jewelry is typically worn to make a bold statement. We see big celebrities walk around in classic, elegant Fashion Jewels on many

occasions and events such as the Met Gala, Fashion Weeks, The Grammys...And let us not forget the most iconic music videos from way back to now, have such unforgettable looks that Fashion Jewels completed. I could go on. Fashion Jewels creates such a complex and inviting ensemble that is just a perfect representation of the statement you want for yourself. It isn’t merely an “accessory”, it is the shine that gives life to your whole outfit exactly when you need it.

And yes, it never goes out of style, neither will it. Considering the fact that even amidst a pandemic, the jewelry revenue in the US is $18.823 billion in 2020.

The US jewelry market size is expected to keep expanding in the next few years (2020 to 2023) at an annual growth rate of 0.8%. When it comes to the luxury revenue share, in 2020 it will account for 29% of all jewelry sales. Jewelry enthusiasts and fashion icons are unstoppable. The love for glimmer is unfailing and the world of fashion will absolutely go forth to create new rooms for more eccentric fashion jewelry.