Throughout the years of Jewelry trade, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGS (American Gem Society) has been present in all jewelry transactions in order to protect consumers' transaction.

Both of these laboratories are highly respected and perform dependable and consistent grading. With locations across the majority of the main global trading hubs, GIA is by far the most well-known lab in the world. AGS, albeit little in contrast, is very significant since it established itself as a leader in the crucial field of diamond cut quality analysis. The comparison of AGS and GIA finds more similarities than differences, with an AGS certificate illuminating details that are absent from a GIA report.

Both organizations were originally founded by the same group of jewelry professionals. The GIA was founded as an institute of research and knowledge for the diamond and gemstone trade, while the AGS was founded as an organization of retail jewelers bound by the highest code of ethics in the industry. In the mid-1990s the American Gem Society recognized a growing need in the market and established its own gemological laboratory devoted to understanding the least well-known of the diamond “4 C’s” – Cut grading. Both GIA and AGSL use similar grading standards for color and clarity and report on the measurements of the diamond in a similar manner. The big difference is in the comprehensive and critical analysis done at the AGSL in terms of cut grading.

At the end of this year, (AGS) will cease laboratory operations and merge them into the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

The GIA will now include the research personnel, technology, intellectual property (IP), and Las Vegas location of AGS Laboratories, the two businesses announced on Wednesday. According to the company, AGS Laboratories will continue to offer services through the end of 2022 and will inform clients of the change in advance.

The combined team, which will conduct light-performance research and create a "science-based" fancy-cut grade standard, will "produce creative goods" to benefit consumers and the industry, according to the statement.

AGS CEO Katherine Bodoh said in a joint statement, "This significant agreement pulls AGS and GIA further together, pushing our future with 90 years of shared heritage and enhancing our founders' vision."