Why Should You Buy Loose Diamonds?

While shopping for a diamond, you may have observed that there are primarily two options: loose diamonds and diamonds that have already been set in jewelry. While all choices offer advantages, we'll focus on why you should think about buying loose diamonds in this post.

More Customizable

The fact that loose diamonds may be customized to a great extent is one of their key benefits. When buying a diamond that is already set in jewelry, your options are limited by the setting's style. With loose diamonds, however, you may pick the precise size, shape, and cut that you desire, and then with that, create what you want. That's one main reason to buy loose diamonds as it gives you the flexibility to design a piece of jewelry that is genuinely one-of-a-kind and customized to what you like.

Higher Quality

Also, you may frequently find higher-quality diamonds when you purchase loose diamonds. When diamonds are put in jewelry, it can be challenging to examine them carefully and assess their precise quality. Yet, when you buy a loose diamond, you may assess its cut, clarity, and color using a jeweler's loupe or microscope. As a result, you may decide more intelligently on the value of the stone you're purchasing.

Better Value

It may be more economical to purchase a loose diamond. Buying a piece of jewelry with a diamond already set means that you are paying for all aspects of that jewelry, from the setting, to the gold, and even the cost of setting it. As no additional design or setting fees are incurred when purchasing loose diamonds, you may frequently obtain a superior grade stone at a lesser price.

Easier to Upgrade

Purchasing a loose diamond can also be a great idea if you're thinking about it as an investment. The future upgrading or trading of loose diamonds is considerably simpler because they are not set in jewelry. You may easily sell your loose diamond and use the funds to purchase a new stone if you decide in the future that you'd like a larger or higher-quality diamond.

More Trustworthy

Last but not least, purchasing a loose diamond may be a more reliable choice. It might be challenging to discern whether a diamond you buy that is already set in jewelry is a natural diamond or a lab-grown diamond. But, you may ask a respected third-party laboratory, like the Gemological Institute of America, for a grading report when you purchase a loose diamond (GIA). You may find out all the specifics regarding the diamond's quality and authenticity in this report.

What are the Most Popular Sizes for Loose Diamonds?

Carat values ranging from 0.25 to 1.00 are the most common sizes for loose diamonds. The most popular carat sizes in the US today range from about a half a carat to 1 carat. With that being said, it's also important to remember that the value of a diamond changes depending on factors including cut, clarity, color, and the diamond's special qualities.

What is the Average Price of Loose Diamonds?

Depending on the size, grade, shape, and other attributes of the diamond, the typical cost of loose diamonds can vary greatly. Usually speaking, the price of a diamond increases with its size. According to this, the price of a diamond increases with its quality. On general, the cost of a one-carat round diamond with an excellent cut can range from $2,000 to $15,000, although costs can differ substantially depending on the specifics of the diamond.

What are the Best Ways to Buy Loose Diamonds Online?

You can buy loose diamonds directly from Bova Diamonds by clicking Buy Loose Diamonds. Online purchases of loose diamonds can be made in a variety of methods, each with advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the top choices to take into account:

Diamond Dealers

Several diamond sellers have websites where you may purchase gems directly. If you have a certain diamond in mind or a set spending limit, this is a fantastic alternative. Before making a purchase, you may view a selection of diamonds and assess pricing. To guarantee you're purchasing a quality diamond from a reliable vendor, read reviews and do some research on the dealer before making a purchase.

Online Marketplaces

You may buy a wide variety of loose diamonds on websites like eBay and Amazon. Using these marketplaces has the advantage of making it simple to compare rates and locate excellent bargains. To guarantee that you receive a high-quality diamond, you must be cautious when purchasing from third-party merchants.


You may purchase loose diamonds online from a number of jewelry or retail stores. In addition to frequently offering a large assortment of diamonds, these merchants may also provide warranties or guarantees for their goods. But, you can wind up spending more than you would if you bought from a dealer directly.

Online Auctions

Christie's and Sotheby's, among other auction houses, occasionally sell loose diamonds. That may be a terrific method to locate unusual or rare diamonds, but you should be ready to pay a premium for them.

How do I choose the right loose diamond?

There are a few things to take into account that might make the process of selecting the ideal loose diamond less difficult. Keep in mind the following advice:


How a diamond has been cut and sculpted from its initial rough form is referred to as its cut. A diamond that has been brilliantly cut will shine and reflect light, but a diamond that has been badly cut would appear lifeless and dull.

Carat Weight

A diamond's carat weight indicates how much it weighs. Although a bigger carat weight may appear more remarkable, it's crucial to keep in mind that a smaller diamond with a superior cut may actually appear better than a larger diamond with a worse cut.


Diamonds are available in a variety of hues, ranging from absolutely colorless to yellow or even brown. A diamond's value increases with the amount of color it possesses.


How many flaws, or inclusions, a diamond has determines its clarity. A diamond that has fewer inclusions will be worth more than one that has more.


Verify that the diamond you chose has a certificate from a reputed gemological laboratory. This certificate will provide you thorough details regarding the diamond's cut, carat weight, color, clarity, and other crucial characteristics.

Are Loose Diamonds more valuable Natural or Lab Grown?

Whether natural or lab-grown diamonds are more valuable is one of the most frequent queries consumers ask when looking at loose diamonds. Although they are more likely to be ethically sourced or what they refer to as "conflict free" diamonds, lab produced diamonds are more popular since they are not just more affordable for diamonds of the same size. Because of these factors, several stores stock lab-grown diamonds, including Jared, Blue Nile, Ritani, and Whiteflash. Having said that, a natural diamond will not only be more valuable at the same carat size, but it will also keep its worth considerably more if you are simply interested in value and how a diamond maintains its value over time. Several publications claim that lab-grown diamonds will gradually lose value over time.

A Guide to Choosing Loose Diamonds for Your Ring

Several considerations should be taken into account when selecting a loose diamond for your ring. Together with the previously stated elements, such as cut, carat weight, color, clarity, and certification, you should also think about the overall design of your ring and the size of the diamond you require. Here are some extra suggestions to aid in the selection of the ideal diamond for your ring:


If you intend to set your loose diamond with other gemstones, such as sapphires or rubies, be sure to pick a diamond that goes well with the hues and forms of the other stones.


There are many different sizes of loose diamonds, ranging from tiny and delicate to big and striking. While selecting the size of your diamond, take your ring's size and personal preferences into account.

Lab grown

If you want to make a cost- and environmentally-conscious choice, think about getting a lab-grown diamond. These lab-created diamonds are identical to real diamonds in terms of their chemical and physical makeup. They may also be bought at wholesale pricing, which makes them a fantastic choice for those on a tight budget.


The brilliance of a diamond refers to its capacity to dazzle and reflect light. In order for a diamond to stand out and attract the eye, it must have a high level of brightness.


Keep in mind that every loose diamond is different, having an own collection of features and peculiarities. Choose a diamond that appeals to you and that you connect with on a personal level.


When purchasing a loose diamond online, check sure the vendor guarantees dependable and safe shipment. If you want to make confident that your diamond will arrive safely, search for merchants who offer monitoring and insurance on their shipments. You may select the ideal loose diamond for your ring by keeping these things in mind and completing your research. There is a perfect diamond out there for every consumer, whether they are searching for a big, eye-catching stone or a little, delicate one.


In conclusion, Buying loose diamonds might be a wise purchase if you're seeking for a a process of getting the best quality at the best prices. When selecting a loose diamond to buy, you may make an informed choice if you are aware of the elements that affect a diamond's worth. To guarantee you acquire a high-quality diamond, whether you buy in person or online, do your homework and pick a reliable supplier. Finding the ideal loose diamond to add to your collection or utilize in a piece of jewelry is possible with the appropriate information and a little bit of patience.


Q: What shapes do loose diamonds come in?

A: A broad range of forms, including round, princess, pear, marquise, oval, emerald, and cushion, are possible for loose diamonds.

Q: Do loose diamonds come in different colors?

A: Yes, there are several hues available for loose diamonds, including white (colorless), yellow, brown, pink, blue, and more.

Q: How can I ensure that the loose diamond I buy is of high quality?

A: To be sure you're purchasing a high-quality diamond, search for pieces that have received certification from a credible third-party lab, such the GIA or the American Gem Society (AGS).

Q: Can I buy loose diamonds online?

A: Sure, there are a lot of websites who focus on selling loose diamonds (the best of course, being Bova Diamonds). Nonetheless, it's crucial to conduct due diligence and confirm that the seller you're purchasing from is reliable.

Q: Are loose diamonds a good investment?

A: Diamonds may be a wise investment, but it's crucial to conduct thorough study and choose wisely. The quality of the diamond, market trends, and supply and demand are just a few examples of the variables that might impact a diamond's value throughout time.

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