Black Diamond Earring


Diamonds are the pinnacle of beauty and class. What makes them desirable is their unrivaled durability and pristine natural look. But what if you want to go against the traditional crystal clear diamonds and add a touch of boldness with your jewelry? A black diamond earring would be a perfect choice then.

What are black diamonds? Are they real?

Back then, when people say diamonds, they often think of the white colorless ones, most can hardly think of black colored ones. Now, we have seen the rise of black diamonds in the form of engagement rings, from being a cast-side stone into the one vying for the center position of jewelry, black diamonds are really having a step back into the limelight. These dazzling diamonds were classified as colored gemstones and they can be a perfect alternative for colorless diamonds. Black diamonds are also known as carbonados, they are known for their opaque, dark, and rich color. The graphite inclusion that we want to avoid in colorless diamonds is what we are looking for in black diamonds. These stones are real diamonds, they have the same chemical composition as the traditional colorless ones. They are currently the hot trends adding an exquisite look that is so into modern fashion standards.

Black Diamond Earrings

Earrings can be very low-key but can also give enough pop to draw the gaze of others towards you. Though colorless diamonds are forever coveted because of their dazzling radiance, the adamantine luster of black diamonds can steal the hearts of many. Black diamond earrings are an excellent way to give an upgrade to any look. Take a step away from the traditional diamond earrings and go with a stunning black diamond earring setting. You can choose from different styles of earrings that will surely turn heads from small studs into large dangling earrings.

You can look dramatic with a black diamond and sterling silver earrings. The contrast between the black diamond and shiny sterling silver makes this kind of earring unique.

You can also be trendy on a special occasion on clustered earrings with a black diamond as the center. You can choose earrings made of gold or white gold settings surrounded by clusters of elegant black diamonds. Going with this type of bold earrings can give a sophisticated impression in a formal black suit and dress event.

Feel beautiful on your date with black diamond drop earrings, this is the most freeform of all the earrings and far more decorative than others which makes them so expressive.

Win the heart of others with black diamond hoops. This will surely capture the attention and draw the eyes to the one wearing them as they glitter and shine.

Guide in buying a black diamond earring

Colorless or not, you would always want to evaluate the stone that you are going to purchase. When buying black diamond earrings, it is very important to understand how these stones were graded. Having an understanding of the grading system can help you ensure that you are getting the stone with the best quality. Like other colored gems, a black diamond is graded using a variety of factors that differs from the colorless diamond grading system. Therefore GIA does not issue grading reports for black diamonds instead it issues Colored Diamond Identification and Origin report.

For fancy colored stones, it is best to look at these aspects.

  • The cut. Black diamonds are cut the same way as colorless diamonds, the only difference is that they were cut to show their unique features and maximize the absorption of light. The stone must be cut to emphasize its natural beauty and color saturation. The most popular cuts of black diamonds are round cut black diamond and princess cut diamond.
  • The polish. When buying a black diamond earring, look for something that has a smooth polish with no feathering or cracks on the surface of the diamond.
  • The color. This is one of the most important aspects of a black diamond or any colored diamond. The color of a black diamond is due to the high number of inclusions present in the stone. In terms of color, black diamonds are graded on the following single grade term fancy black. We want to see evenness in the color of the stone, it all depends on your preference if you prefer fully opaque and dark black diamonds or the paler ones.
  • A reliable grading report. Make sure to buy your diamonds in a store where they offer reliable grading reports like GIA Identification and Origin report.

Buying your first pair of black diamond earrings?

There is no doubt that black jewelry is gaining popularity and there is no end to the great collection of black diamond earrings that you can browse. Like the other fancy colored earrings, the aesthetic preferences of a black diamond earring can be very subjective, it still comes down to what you want that matches your style and character.

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