Birthstone: Reflect Your Personality with Gems


Having Jewelry that represents something about you is a must-buy. It is really fascinating to have something that embodies your birth month and what more to get than birthstone Jewelry.

Birthstone rings are the perfect way to celebrate your birth month. With each gemstone being unique from one another, your individual stones can help you express yourself through these beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Birthstone earrings are suitable portions that preserve valuable gems and semi-valuable gems. What differs them from conventional jewelry is what that means at the back of them. Centuries ago, every month in the Gregorian calendar was assigned an exceptional gemstone. Each gem becomes stated to preserve its personal traits, and it's far those traits that mirror the wearer`s persona so well. It may be visible that some months in the yr have multiple stones related to it, however, this leaves the wearer to determine their favorite. Decide on your stone of desire or blend and suit with a choice of stacking earrings, the opportunities are endless.

Birthstone Rings by Month

January birthstone: Garnet

Gems for the month of January are usually found in deep red hue color but it is also found in brown, yellow, green, and in some cases blue. This fiery red stone garnet is really pleasing to the eye. It is said that these gemstones are exchanged among friends and families to show their affection to one another, as it gives strength, healing, and prosperity.

February birthstone: Amethyst

Found in an elegant purple hue, these amethyst gemstones are suitable for February babies. Throughout history, amethyst has been used against drunkenness to overcome addiction. They should give the wearer peace, spiritual lift, courage, and happiness.

March birthstone: Aquamarine

Aquamarine gemstones are found in pale blue to blue-green or teal color to represent the open water and it is known to bring peace and tranquility to their wearer. Bova Diamonds offers a wide variety of birthstones for the march babies out there!

April birthstone: Diamond

Those who are born in April are treated to be lucky as they can experience dazzling sparkles of diamond for their birthstone rings. Diamond is the hardest natural substance on earth and is one of the four stones classified as precious. Others are rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. They are supposed to give you spiritual clarity and inspire love. Of course, out of all the birthstones, this is the widest selection our store got for you so pick your diamonds here at Bova Diamonds.

May birthstone: Emerald

There is also a valuable gem in May. The deep green of the emerald can shine brightly with the corn birthstone ring. Enchanting green shades set in beautiful pieces blend perfectly with gold jewelry. Extensive links also connect emeralds as one of Cleopatra's favorites.

June birthstone: Pearl

Due to its purity and beauty, the month of June’s favorite gem is pearl but for some reason, the month of June has three choices from pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. But then again the overall favorite gemstone is the Pearl. Pearls provide the sophistication of diamonds in the most modest and versatile way. They are said to represent honesty, integrity, and purity.

July Birthstone: Ruby

Commonly found in Pink to blood-red hue, rubies are considered to be the king of all gemstones. It is said that ruby represents passion, courage, and love and it is the most valuable of all gemstones.

August birthstone: Peridot

Usually called "evening emerald", the color of the stone does not change due to changes in outside light. Peridot is said to relieve anger and jealousy and promote personal growth. Peridot gemstones are normally found in gorgeous green hues.

September birthstone: Sapphire

The exotic sapphire gem is on the September birthstone ring. They are available in many colors, but the dark shades of blue are the ones that best recognize this gem. As one of the four gems, the beauty, value, and elegance of this stone are simple. Decorate your hands with beautiful sapphires with Bova’s selection of promise rings.

October birthstone: Opal

In October, the stunning gem opal will be available. Known for its rich color palette, pink opal is traditionally featured in this month's birthstone ring. The name elegant and pure opal means "see the color change" in Greek. It's like turning an opal jewel and seeing many colors. The beauty of this gem doesn't just apply to birthstone rings. Why not emphasize your ears with our selection of birthstone earrings?

November birthstone: Topaz

The name Topaz comes from Sanskrit and it means fire. The most famous Topaz will be the clear Topaz which was once thought to be a diamond. During ancient days, the stone was considered to heal both physical and mental illnesses and prevent death. Topaz colors range from yellow, green, blue, gold, brown, pink, and clear.

December birthstone: Turquoise

Turquoise attracts money, success, and love. It is said to provide the wearer with courage, friendship, and luck.

The Key Takeaway

Gemstones serve a great purpose to embody their wearer's personality. Whatever month you are born there's always a gemstone that's dedicated for you only. Bova Diamonds offers a wide selection of gemstones for each of your months and we can assure you that these gemstones are dazzling and beautiful. If you want to add an extra sentimental touch when sharing a birthstone ring, treat them to an engraved gift. Whether you want to remember a special date or message, our selection of personalized pendants can be cherished forever. You can also partner your rings and pendants with our engraved bracelets and engraved necklaces, then keep them safe in our jewelry boxes.