Are Diamonds Scratch Proof?

Are Diamonds Scratch Proof?

Is it possible to scratch a diamond? is a common question. Yes, to answer briefly. Like other jewels, diamonds can be scratched. Diamonds, however, are less susceptible to scratching than other jewels. Bova Diamonds are here to answer your question are diamonds scratch-proof?

A mineral will scratch easier the softer it is. The world's hardest mineral or jewel is known to be a diamond. On the Mohs Scale of Hardness, diamonds are rated a 10, whereas all other minerals are rated a 9 or lower.

A diamond cannot be scratched by anything whose hardness is less than that of a diamond. The only thing that can scratch a diamond, then, is a diamond.

Nevertheless, there are many urban legends that claim the opposite. This essay will allay your concerns about unintentionally scratching a diamond.

Why is Diamond Hard?

Graphite and diamonds both contain only carbon, yet they are found at almost the opposite extremities of the Mohs scale. Why is carbon able to be both soft and hard?

A diamond's atomic structure is what gives it its toughness. Carbon atoms are organized in diamonds' strong, very immovable tetrahedral lattice structure. It's difficult to move two carbon atoms in a diamond closer together or farther apart.

Contrary to materials having flexible atomic structures, like steel, modifying the atomic structure of a diamond necessitates abrupt and strong force. A piece of steel, for instance, will flex its atomic structure to absorb the shock if you hit it with a hammer. A diamond will shatter if struck with a hammer hard enough.

Can Diamonds Scratch?

Can Diamonds Scratch?

Diamonds can scratch everything since they are the toughest substance known to man. Although this is typically not a problem because diamonds are not something you simply carry with you.

However, there are occasionally inventive designs that can inadvertently "enable" your diamond ring to scratch other objects.

Can You Scratch a Diamond With Metal?

Metal, including gold and silver, cannot be scratched with a diamond, but a diamond may be scratched with metal. On the Mohs scale, most metals are rated at or below a 5.

Only a few metals are sufficiently tough to scuff a diamond. For example, steel ranges from a 4 to a 4.5, titanium is a 6, hardened steel ranges from a 7 to an 8, and tungsten is a 7.5. Even tungsten carbide, though, only rates an 8.5 to 9 on the Mohs scale.

Can You Repair a Scratched Diamond?

If there is enough carat weight in the diamond to allow it to lose a little bit of weight during the repair process, a scratched diamond can be fixed. The most typical method of diamond restoration is polishing. Surface-level scratches can be removed with polishing without considerably affecting the total carat weight.

Recutting won't usually be necessary unless a diamond has significant chips and scratches.

Before making repairs if you unintentionally scratched your diamond, verify sure you are still covered by your insurance policy.

There’s a possibility that a Diamond May not be Real if Scratched

A scratched diamond should be uncommon, despite the fact that some diamonds are cut and set in ways that make them susceptible to harm.

Your engagement or wedding ring's solitary diamond, for example, may not actually be a diamond if you've scratched it. Keep in mind that a diamond can only be scratched by a diamond. By frequently rubbing your hand against unrelated objects and surfaces, you can't scratch a diamond ring. If your stone is scratched and you haven't exposed it to other diamonds, it can be a fake.

Have your stone examined by Bova experts to determine its authenticity if you suspect it may be a fake. If it turns out that your stone is a fake, think about replacing it with a real diamond.