Anniversary Ring: What to Give?

anniversary ring

You may think of something to give your partner to embody a special day of your marriage or your relationship. An anniversary ring is usually a band with several diamonds or gemstones that represents a milestone in the marriage. This is usually given within 5, 10, or 20 years of marriage, depending on when you want to give it.

Anniversary ring is generally given on a wedding anniversary and represents a milestone in a marriage. Wedding and engagement bands are usually layered with anniversary rings. Anniversary rings are a great way to commemorate your current and future commitment to one another.

Just like when you are buying an engagement ring, all those considerations should also be taken when buying this ring.

But don’t worry we’ll walk you through all the tips when shopping for an anniversary ring. There are the things to consider are listed below:

When You Should Give An Anniversary Ring

There is no common date on when to give it, which means that you can give this to your partner whenever you like it.

Because it is unrealistic to give an anniversary ring after each year of marriage, most couples choose to commemorate their major anniversaries with jewelry, such as a 20th-anniversary ring.

Your one-year anniversary is a huge milestone for you as a married couple, therefore it's a popular anniversary for anniversary rings. Most couples mark their fifth, tenth, fifteenth, twentieth, and twenty-fifth wedding anniversaries.

Choosing the Right Anniversary Ring

Complementary Vs Contrast

When choosing an anniversary ring, you can decide whether you want a complementary or contrast ring. When you choose a contrast ring you will want to choose an anniversary ring that features a gemstone or metals like rose gold in contrast to your partner's engagement and wedding ring. Perhaps their 5th-anniversary ring is set with a sapphire, while their engagement ring and wedding band are set with diamonds. Your partner's distinctive anniversary ring will usually be worn on a separate finger or hand than their previous wedding jewelry.

On the other hand, the complementary ring is a ring that has a similar design to your partner's wedding and engagement ring. This allows them to wear their anniversary ring as part of a matched set on the same finger.

Choosing your Desired Gemstones and Precious Metal

Verify that your companion like the recommended metals or gemstones for each anniversary year. This can be as basic as asking your partner about their favorite gemstones or going jewelry shopping with them and listening to their reactions.

When it comes to this jewelry, there are no hard and fast rules, so you don't have to choose the recommended gemstone or metal for each year. You can choose a gemstone and style that is completely different from the standard option.

In general, stick to a style that you know your partner would enjoy. There's nothing wrong with picking metal or gemstone that has sentimental importance for you over a typical option.

Involve your Partner (Optional)

Consider going shopping with your partner. You can't always expect surprises. You can find the finest selection for the two of you by shopping together, whether it's a single anniversary ring for her or a matching set for both of you.

Need assistance selecting the perfect anniversary ring? Send us a message and we'll get back to you with personalized recommendations for the finest rings for you and your partner.

Handpicked Choice from Bova

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