A Reference to Promise Ring Meaning

A promise ring's meaning can be numerous and it varies from one thing to another, it can be a simple declaration of friendship, a pact between two souls, a promise between people to be done in the future, a solemn vow of chastity, or the first step toward a wedding ring. A promise ring can be exchanged by couples, friends, or families as it symbolizes commitment, faith, and it can also be used as a medium for hope. Promise ring is given by those people who share a special bond; it is a way for them to show their oath towards the person.

In the Middle Age, as with now, a promise ring symbolizes love and unity between the two people. Rings of Hope can also symbolize that a couple is in a serious relationship and not just a momentary infatuation. Promise rings can also define the close bond between friends, it can represent loyalty and trust.

Promise rings

Often considered a predecessor to marriage, and often a couple in the road of marriage send each other this band if they are either unable to marry or if the couple are still preparing to join. Promise ring can also mean that your partner wants to clearly show you that your partner wants to embody your commitment to each other. When a couple agrees to trade a pledge, they should be informed of their promises and discuss what will be symbolized by the ring, and they will mutually determine if they are prepared to do so.

Promise rings can also mean a promise to oneself. People use the promise ring as a symbol for their promise to themselves, for it to be embodied. It can be used as a symbol of abstinences, to refrain themselves from the wrong things or breaking bad habits (e.g substance abuse, negative influence, and unhealthy behaviour). This ring is used as a symbol to keep their promises and resist temptation to those wrong doings.

A promise ring meaning could differ from couple to couple, friends to friends, or family to family. It has various meanings but the main point of giving this kind of ring to a person or to yourself is to uphold the oath that you made and to make that promise embodied. Promise ring can also strengthen your relationship and build up a much stronger loyalty.

Style of Promise Ring

Simplicity is the most aspect of promise rings as most people don't want it to be mistaken as a wedding ring. Although promise style is simple it still has its own meaning. Rings with numbers or letters engraved on it such as anniversary dates, roman numerals, name of a person, or a short message/poem are popular designs of a promise ring.

The Infinity symbol

heart motifs, love knots, diamond, and Claddagh rings is also a thing in promise rings.

Promise rings can be made of any metal and incorporate any gemstone. Rose gold has become increasingly popular, although white gold and yellow gold are still classics. Sterling silver is a beautiful option for those on a budget, especially since sterling silver symbolizes truth and purity. When choosing a gemstone, consider birthstones for added meaning and a splash of color.

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