The BOVA team understands that buying a diamond can be challenging and stressful at times.

That is why we are committed to work as hard as we can to ease your mind, and assist you as you make this important decision.

BOVA promises that:
  • Every piece of jewelry purchased from BOVA is guaranteed for LIFE.(up to .10 carat on individual stones)

  • Every centerstone purchased from BOVA will keep its value for life, in other words you get 100% towards any trade-in in our stores, any time.

  • Return Policy - call for details.

BOVA management and employees hope that the combination of these exclusive options, in addition to our exquisite diamonds and jewelry will make your buying experience easier and simpler.
Who Is a True Wholesaler?

Nowadays, when it seems that every jewelry store in Dallas advertises itself as a wholesale establishment, how can you, as a consumer, tell the difference?

The first parameter is simple; can other Dallas area retailers afford buying from the so claimed wholesaler and still make a profit?

Another fact to consider; do they have offices in one of the main diamond exchange markets? i.e. Israel, Belgium, South Africa, or India?

We at Bova can proudly answer YES to both questions; we sell millions of Dollars worth loose diamonds every year to retailers across the country and in addition to our location in Dallas, a second Bova office can be found at the Diamond Exchange Market in Ramat-Gan, Israel.

So, when it comes to wholesale, we are the Real Deal!

Bova Diamonds, Jewelers - Wholesale, Dallas, TX
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