Why are diamonds so expensive

From Elegant Asscher cuts to Durable abrasives;There are endless reasons why are diamonds so expensive even in these trying times.

There are endless reasons why you can never go wrong with diamonds. Either you want to pick up the best deal engagement ring, start a smart investment plan, run an industrial company, or just glamorize your daily outfit with a pair of gripper earrings.

It continued to play such a pressing role in fashion trends in the Victorian Era when European women began showing them off at the majority of fanciest occasions in the 1800’s. About 300 years before that, Archduke Maximilian of Austria commissioned the very first diamond engagement ring for Mary of Burgundy. Hence, European nobles and aristocrats turning it into a trend that we still keep to this day.

Diamond engagement rings started as a symbolic campaign

The world’s largest diamond company, De Beers. De Beers​ Group is an international corporation that specializes in diamond exploitation, mining, retailing, trading and industrial manufacturing sectors. De Beers are the creators of the slogan, “A diamond is forever”. The strength and permanence of a diamond conveyed in this message transpired into marriage is forever in American culture. The inexhaustibility and beauty of a diamond is now a symbol of a man’s untimely engagement for a woman. Not only in Europe and America, but almost every corner of the world recognizes diamonds as the ultimate symbol of love.

An individual now is willing to invest in numerous fields, and the quality of diamond investing shocks you. Diamonds have global convertibility, meaning that they can be used together with gold as an alternative currency.

There continues to be a steady supply and demand for diamonds

Leaving room for price acceleration. Should you choose to invest in diamonds, you will not pay any taxes on value gains unlike stock investments. If you want a secure investment that keeps and strengthens its value, diamonds are the best option.

The extremely condensed value and portability makes diamonds a form of emergency funding.

It is tangible and portable and you can show them to your clients when the time comes that you want to sell your gorgeous little loose diamonds. The value of diamonds in the 1-5 carat range has risen, according to Gem Trading Firm, by 12 percent in the past five years.

Diamond prices are expected to increase by about 10 percent this year and the prices of diamonds with the highest quality around 50 percent. Moreover, this is a 26 percent rise in elegant and rare-colored diamonds compared with 24 percent in 2012.

The 101,73ctPear-shaped, D-color, perfect diamond, sold for $27 million are also an example of very broad rare diamonds. Whether or not you believe it is used for an industrial use around 80 % of the world’s diamonds.

The industrial diamond production was led by Congo and Russia in the early 21​st​ century.

We’d think something as elegant and stunning could only do so much. Surprisingly, a diamond isn’t just something pretty to look at; it’s the hardest and strongest known material. Moreover, making it such a widely used industrial cutting tool. A diamond’s remarkable durability makes it very useful for polishing, drilling, cutting, and grinding tools and materials. Whether you’re ready to pop the question, brainstorming a great investment plan, or using it as a resource for your industrial business, you cannot choose wrong when choosing a forever diamond.

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