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In the past, jewelry buyers are unable to purchase diamonds because of their prohibitive price. The biggest factor of diamond pricing is the markup price that retailers place on it. Nowadays, diamond buyers are more astute with wholesale jewelry dallas.

wholesale jewelry dallas texas. If you are one of those people who has discovered that purchasing wholesale diamonds will save you from paying high markup prices, then you join the ranks of a growing number of buyers who are interested in buying these glittering gemstones at a wholesale price.

Dealers of wholesale diamonds sell these gemstones at a more competitive rate.
At Bova Diamonds, you will find the right balance of price, quality, and an array of choices. Bova Diamonds have been selling wholesale diamonds for decades, and have both experience and expertise in guaranteeing that they are giving the best-quality diamonds to customers.

All of the diamonds at Bova are sourced in an ethical manner, as they adhere to a policy of selling only conflict-free diamonds. The diamonds also pass through rigorous certification systems from trusted grading agencies.

Most of the gemstones are certified by the US-based Gemological Institute of America (GIA), considered to be the most widely-used and trusted, the industry standard. Other reputable certifying bodies are American Gemological Society (AGS), with its in-depth scientific analysis as well as the International Gemological Institute (IGI), which is widely used in Asia. It is very important that the diamond that you purchase has passed certification.

wholesale jewelry dallas texas

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A typical GIA loose diamonds grading report contains very detailed information on the diamond. GIA calls this a ‘Diamond Dossier’. On the very top of the report, it contains the shape and cutting style. The cutting style is the outline and the pattern of the facet arrangement. Bova offers 10 different cutting styles, including Asscher cut, Radiant cut, Oval cut, Princess cut, Pear-shaped cut, Marquise cut, and others.

The GIA document also contains measurements, which is usually listed as diameter x depth for round diamonds, and length x width x depth for fancy-shaped diamonds. The weight of the diamond is in carats and is the main price determiner of diamonds. Bova offers diamonds with carats ranging from 0.10 to 15.00.

You get your money’s worth at Bova Diamonds. Special financing options are also available to cater to various types of budget. Their professional sales staff will be on hand to assist you if you have any queries. Just give them a call or visit the store to find out more.

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