Bova Diamonds: Rings of engagement

Bova Diamonds: Rings of engagement

A diverse selection of exceptional diamond engagement rings and wedding rings; Every cut, every color of the best quality for reasonable prices at Bova Wholesale Diamonds Dallas

Sealing your commitment to your partner with an engagement rings? Getting engaged is one of the most important milestones in your life. An Rings of engagement  is always part of this momentous occasion. Nothing says “I love you” and “I cherish you” more than a diamond ring to the lovely lady.

It can be daunting for some people to look for the perfect engagement ring, although there are many shops that meet your needs. Bova Diamonds, a renowned store in a commercial zone of the region, has 30 years experience combined in the field of Dallas , Texas

For Rings of engagement

Bova Diamonds offers all types and kinds, depending on your personality, inclination, and budget. More than 100 engagement rings are available for women in our shop, most of which are of white gold. Ring gold, rose gold and platinum are also given. With diamonds as the main stone choice for married couples, Bova offers many kinds of diamond cuts.

The most common and most popular shape

Round stone, and the princess cut follows, with the emerald cut a close third. Some other available cuts include pear diamonds, cushion diamonds, oval, asscher cut diamonds and radiant cut diamonds. In addition , customers may choose various styles, for example the halo ring, the three-stone engagement ring, solitaire or two-tone metal, specially designed for interactive rings. The halo style shows a central stone, set high on the ring, surrounded by smaller gemstones or diamonds. The three-stone ring features three stones as the name tells us, the middle one is the biggest and the smaller pillars on each side.

For husbands, who feel full of choices, many bring their girlfriends to the store so they can choose the ring they prefer personally. This spoils the surprise, but it is indeed an effective means to ensure that your wife gets the ring she wants.

Bova Diamonds even provide custom-made designs expertly created by their talented team of craftsmen.

You will share your ideas and help you select the right types of stones and precious metals, after arranging a meeting with their specialists. Diamond is the most common option for Dallas rings, but other couples prefer different gemstones such as topaz, emerald, ruby, grenade or amethyst. The ring has the latest 3D CAD technology.