Diamond Bow-Tie Effect: A Way to Achieve

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When looking at a diamond, you may see a darker, bow-tie-shaped space across the center of the table. This is a result of the bow-tie effect and it’s directly related to the diamond cut. The bow-tie effect can impact diamonds of all cut grades, but the cutting process can determine how much it will affect a gem’s shine. You can’t imagine the sensation and illusion that it can bring to you. A bow tie might sound new to your ears but it will change your perspective right away, once your eyes capture the sparkle and alluring appearance of a bow tie. It consists of black stripes at a run across the surface of the stone, seen from a certain angle, the dark stripes are clearly visible, spoiling the beauty of the stone. 

Some people mistakenly believe that flies are due to certain chemical coloring in stones, which occurs when certain inclusions are present in diamonds, it has to do with one of the most common problems with diamonds, light leakage from the sides of the stone. Flies have little to do with the above factors, it is caused by a bad cut, there is a zone in the center of the cut diamond that does not reflect light properly due to poor cut quality, the loop effect is only visible from certain angles, check out this spinning diamond, it looks perfect from some angles, but note that it only has a bow tie when viewed upwards. Bow ties often appear due to the shadow of the viewer’s head reflected in the diamond, in essence, the fly is a shadow within the diamond. This makes that part of the stone look dark, this shouldn’t normally happen diamonds always reflect light throughout the body and are cut to avoid such shadows. However, if the cut is not perfect, bending the diamond can result in the diamond becoming a bow tie.

Beauty Is In The Center of  A Diamonds with Bow-Tie Effect.

One thing that we really want to when purchasing a diamond, is the center or the part where we could see the reflection, the bouncing back beam, the alluring sensation bring by the bow-tie effect, the black aura that it looks like the tie. Bow ties are often found in elongated, flashy cuts such as the oval, pear, and marquise cuts. Some square shapes, such as ray cuts, can also show loops. However other shapes such as round brilliants, princesses, cushions, and emeralds do not have loops, this is because it is difficult to avoid loops during the rectangular cutting process. The central part of them can be too long to cut the facets in order to properly reflect the light. It is not just a mistake, it is a wonderful creation and a natural reaction of a diamond when triggering the utmost part or heart of the diamond. The cutter may have cut the diamond poorly with misaligned facets by accident but it will bring uniqueness and authenticity compared to others. 

Almost all marquise, oval and pear-shaped diamonds have some bow ties, but what makes them stand out is the rigor of the bow tie. In most cases, it’s seamless and less obvious. Certain loops are even considered positive. If the loop effect is less noticeable and the cutter is nicely shaping the stone around it, the loop can add shine to the stone and even increase its shine in this way. Oval, pear, and marquise diamonds without a bow tie can look boring. You may find the real beauty of a diamond when you are able to see, its center, the reflection that tricks our mind, the manipulative power, and unexplainable feelings when seeing the bow-tie effect in the center of a diamond.

Feedback & Conclusion.

Setting the expectations of a customer when witnessing the angelic appearances of the bow-tie effect of a diamond. Remind yourself that the bow-tie effect is not always a negative feature, but it does mean there is a light blockage within a diamond. A deeper understanding of what the bow-tie effect is can help you decide whether the feature is something that will bother you,  keep in mind the diamond shapes that typically suffer from the bow-tie effect: pears, hearts, ovals, and marquise. If you’re interested in any of these shapes, it’s important to keep the bow-tie effect in mind while shopping. Bova’s Diamond is here to guide you and to achieve the real effect of having this. In conclusion to that, go purchase our diamond bow-tie effect to expect the unexpected. 

Now that you know what to look for, you can ask our jeweler the right questions and succeed in finding the right fancy diamond for you. Find a jeweler that you trust that will allow you to carefully examine any diamonds you are interested in, try different lighting, positions, and more to get a full view of all of your diamond’s features, and identify the intensity of the bow-tie effect in each. We guarantee you that all of our products are quality-authentic and original.

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