Dallas gold & silver exchange

Dallas gold & silver exchange

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Wedding Day

For most Americans it is a day of joy, happiness and love, but also one of the most stressful days of your life, for the bride and the groom.

From the great task of finding a great wedding planner, to coordinating the colors of every part of the bridal dress every little thing must be absolutely perfect for this sole day.

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0.15ct 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Ladys Ring SC55002506 2 300x300 - Dallas gold & silver exchange

Ironically enough, the stress lays its eggs long before this day. The first thing a man does when he knows he wants to marry a woman,

is think of the most special and unique way he can steal her breath with an amazing engagement ring.

The majority of the time, it’s easy to conjure up the creativity and enthusiasm of proposal. But sometimes there can be many financial hindrances.


United States

When people think of the United States, one of the first places they think of is Texas,“The Show State”.

One of the major cities, Dallas, is known for its grand authentic weddings. Mainly because of the cohesive authority of the state and its many beautiful garden venues.

But before this comes the “Cream of The Crop”.



To which all glory is due to the Dallas Gold & Silver Exchanges, Bova Diamonds-Store. Located just off of North Stemmons Fwy, is where the real magic begins.

Bova has a wide range of all different stones of wedding and engagement rings and they also cater to your personal modifications as well.

Now that may not sound like anything special compared to other jewelry wholesalers, but let’s remember that most of the stress and anxiety stems from financial problems.





At Bova they offer many fixed and custom financial options that remove the money weight from your shoulders

while allowing you to focus on the gaze of your love and not your account information.

Personally, I’ve had many friends from Houston and Austin that would go to Dallas just to go there and plan their wedding.



From my own experience I can say that I’ve never seen a place filled with more happiness and the amour of peace.

Love is not meant to be stressed but it is nature. It may wound you but some lessons learned in blood will always heal.

Money cancels out emotion and love and cuts deeper than needles can sew.

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