8 Best Places to Propose in Dallas


Whether you are looking for something unique or some memorable place to propose to Dallas will surely give it to you. Dallas has filled with landmarks that have spectacular scenery that will create a perfect proposal for you and we’ve selected the 8 best places to propose in Dallas. 

Bova Diamonds which is located in the Dallas market center will present you with the 8 best places to propose in Dallas. 

Reunion Tower

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First out of our 8 best places to propose in Dallas is the reunion tower, at the city’s most romantic spot, have a night to remember! The Reunion Tower, one of Dallas Texas’s most famous structures, offers spectacular 360-degree panoramic views from a 470-foot observation deck. We can assure you that this spot really does give out special vibes for a special occasion because the reunion tower only hosts 1 proposal per day. 

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Reunion Tower – Observation Deck

At the top of the tower, there are also fine dining and great restaurants for you to choose from. Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant is located at the top of the tower as well as Five Sixty. They are one of the best places to eat in Dallas.

A Gondola Cruise

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Does your fiance always dream of a Venice wedding proposal? Dallas got you covered with the best place that looks like Venice lake. Genuine gondoliers skilled in every engagement are only a short distance away, according to Irving. The gorgeous, confined Mandalay Canals are available for private cruises with Gondola Adventures. In order to provide clients with a variety of food, from straightforward funnel fries to decadent haute cuisine, Gondola Adventures works with neighborhood caterers.

There are also straightforward traditional bundles that come with hot cocoa, sparkling cider, or gourmet chocolates. Although Texas liquor regulations prohibit purchases from either the neighboring Omni Mandalay Hotel or the Cellar Restaurant, alcoholic beverages like wine and champagne are still available. Request a singing gondolier or choose recorded romantic music if you want the authentic gondola experience. Covered gondolas, which are typically more pleasant in the blazing heat, are also available from Gondola Adventures.

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

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Love place and a lovely garden? Is your fiance a flower lover? Well, Dallas has the Arboretum and Botanical Garden for you. One of Texas’s most well-liked public gardens is the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, featuring White Rock Lake as its most well-liked location for marriage proposals. If you desire privacy, plan your schedule around the frequent concerts and busy special events held in this popular neighborhood park. This garden provides 19 themes in it so there are a lot of places for you to choose from. 

Dallas Cowboys Stadium

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Photo By: Jonny Auping

It is undeniable that if you are in Texas you shouldn’t miss their football matches. Dallas Texas is known for its best football matches and if your bride-to-be and a hard-die Cowboys fan then a football proposal is perfect for her. Plan a private tour of the stadium while you’re tailgating with your loved ones. Even if planning to pop the question during the game may be contentious, we support any romantic gesture, win or lose.

Lake Cliff Park at Sunset

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Photograph By: James Markey

Dallas skyline really does bring out the beauty of Dallas which makes it one of the best settings to propose. There are a lot of places to see the view of the city of Dallas in the evening but one of the best for me is the shoreline of Lake Cliff Park. When the sunset comes Lake Cliff Park depicts the beauty of Dallas. Beautiful vistas may be seen at all times of the year, but if you’re thinking about proposing here after spring, check it out beforehand. This pleasant neighborhood park has some areas that turn brown later in the summer heat.

Hotel Saint Germain Restaurant 

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If you are looking for a fancy victorian style restaurant/hotel for your proposal then Hotel St. Germain is what’s good for you. This American Queen-Anne manor won’t let you down if you’re looking for a cozy, old-world setting with French fine cuisine and white-glove service at candlelit tables. Seven opulent suites at St. Germain are decorated with charming turn-of-the-century pieces that have been brought back from France and New Orleans.

With the exception of holidays, the dining room is open on Friday and Saturday evenings, with a six- or seven-course menu. In addition, a jacket and tie are needed. Check the website for gifts and suite amenities, like desserts, robes, bubble baths, and a romantic rose petal turndown service, if you intend to spend the night. In the event that you are too shy to propose to your girlfriend over dinner, there is still the option for a dessert proposal message.

White Rock Lake Park

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Photograph By: Manyak S, 2018

The 1,015-acre White Rock Lake, Dallas’ crown jewel, is surrounded by a park that is ideal for running, hiking, birdwatching, fishing, and people-watching. White Rock Lake Park, which some in Dallas claim has become dog-friendly, would undoubtedly make a romantic proposal location for a couple who adore dogs. However, the park’s total does not include the north shore off-leash area. The 9-mile asphalt loop around the lake is frequently used by cyclists and runners, particularly in the early and late summer when the weather is clear. Weekend crowds are to be expected as this leisure area is Dallas’ most visited park. But keep in mind that there are more than a thousand acres to discover. You can always find room for a blanket, picnic basket, and your special engagement ring if you are willing to walk a little.

Spring Bluebonnet Blooms

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Photograph By: Mary Dunklin|Special Contributor

To finish of the 8 best places to propose in Dallas we have one of the most famous spring scenery in Dallas. Texas’ bluebonnet fields burst with vibrant blooms in blue and white hues every spring. Plan a daylight excursion to “visit the bluebonnets” for a romantic spring proposal and make it the floral fantasy of her dreams. Bring a tripod or a selfie stick to capture the occasion and the blooms’ magnificence.

Final Verdict 

Now that we’ve presented you with our top picks of the 8 best places to propose in Dallas I’m sure that you now have a proposal in mind. However, if you are still looking for the perfect engagement ring to compliment your perfect proposal, Bova Diamonds got you covered! With the top of the line diamonds at the lowest price, this is surely a deal that you wouldn’t walk out to.

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